CrossFit Kids FAQ

What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers, helping them develop a lifelong love of fitness.

CrossFit Kids workouts consist of constantly varied (meaning no two workouts are the same eliminating boredom), functional movements that are safe and effective. Functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play- pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump. All of these movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids coaches.

CrossFit Kids doesn't teach them to be good at just one thing. Our workouts will increase physical competence in 10 fitness domains:
Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

How can CrossFit Kids benefit my child?

CrossFit Kids is functional fitness designed to benefit our youth throughout their lives. What is functional fitness? Functional fitness uses movements that help your body function like it was created to, giving you the ability to get normal things done in your daily life.

CrossFit Kids enhances a child's motor skills by teaching better movement and cognitive skills through engaging children to think about their movement, count their reps, remember the sequences, and work towards goals. CrossFit Kids augments a child or teen's involvement in sports by incorporating strength training and conditioning to make our CrossFit athletes better athletes at any sport.

What if my child does not play organized sports?

In addition to increasing a child's or teen's fitness and athleticism, CrossFit Kids:

  • Instills a lifelong definition of health and positive body image,

  • Reverses prevalent health issues such as obesity,

  • Protects against injury,

  • Creates a community of like-minded individuals for support and self-confidence, and

  • Hones life skills such as concentration, problem solving, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal-setting.

How do I get my kid started?

We would love to meet your kid and have he/she enjoy an hour of fun fitness with us! Check out our class schedule, choose a day and show up at least 10 minutes before class time. After the class, one of the coaches will be available if you have any questions. Come try a class for Free!

Is weight training safe for youth?

We believe it is, when done under proper supervision. In fact, we’ve found research showing it’s safer than a lot of other sports out there. Not only that, but we believe it’s a great way for kids to learn athletic fundamentals, improve the way they move, and develop neural pathways that will help them down the road.

To be clear, we’re not talking about max lifts or pushing kids to exhaustion. Our first order of business is safety, and we focus on proper form. With the younger kids, we oftentimes don’t ask them to use weights at all or very light weight. Below we’ve included links to some articles on the subject, but we also encourage you to do your own research.

Articles on children and weightlifting:

What is good nutrition for my child?

Good nutrition isn't about 'following the rules' or 'being strict'. It's about educating ourselves to make better choices throughout our day.

It's not about getting kids on the zone, but to get them to think and make good choices about what they eat. Our goal is to teach them very basic concepts, stuff that's red, yellow, green and found in the fruit and vegetable aisle is good for you. Eat a lot of it. Look at your plate, make a fist, eat that much meat every meal; turn your hand over and fill it with nuts and seeds, eat that much good fat, fill the rest of your plate with stuff you found in the fruit and vegetable aisle. Fill your plate this way at every meal if possible.

Our culture uses food as a celebration of sorts. Food is a focal point of a family gathering, party, picnic, etc. We all love a good treat here and there. It is perfectly normal for us to enjoy a delicious treat. We will educate kids on how that is o.k. from time to time and how to be wise with choice and quantity.

We hope to help kids discover that every food decision we make sends a message to our body. Depending on the food choice will depend on the message our body receives. Food is important on how it makes us feel and how it helps our body perform.

Food allergies do exist and we will discuss those on a needed basis. *But our main goal is for each child to be mindful of what they eat.*
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